1. baby poop chart:Ordinary newborn excrement can have a wide range of colors and consistencies. You may learn vital information about your baby’s health from what you find in their diaper.

Most first-time parents have no idea what to anticipate when it comes to baby feces. You could have several inquiries. What should your baby’s feces look like and how often should it come out? Does excrement from a breastfed infant smell? Is green infant feces typical? Even well-seasoned parents might not have witnessed every hue and consistency of baby feces there is.

This comprehensive guide outlines the different kinds of infant feces and clarifies what is and is not typical. You will also discover what to anticipate when your baby ultimately begins eating solid foods, as well as what to expect whether they drink formula or breast milk.

1What does newborn poop look like?

Sharing the News About Your New Baby
Sharing the News About Your New Baby

Within 24 hours of birth, your baby will most likely make their first feces. Expect to observe a greenish-black, tarry, sticky stuff (called meconium) in your baby’s first few poops that resembles extremely thick motor oil. Meconium is difficult to remove, therefore if at all possible, cover your baby’s bottom in petroleum jelly beforehand to act as a barrier.

Amniotic fluid, mucus, and skin cells combine to form meconium. It excludes the bacteria that will grow in your baby’s intestines and cause their excrement to smell. (That colonization of microbes will begin the moment your infant eats.)

Your baby’s feces will lighten in color (going from dark green to yellow/green to tan or mustardy yellow) and become less sticky between the ages of two and four days. This transitional stool indicates that your baby’s digestive system is functioning normally and that they have begun to process formula or breast milk early.

Your baby’s doctor will check to make sure there’s no issue, such an intestinal obstruction, if they don’t have a bowel movement within the first 24 hours.



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