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menstruation crustacean

What is a Menstruation Crustacean?

Menstruation Crustaceans are quickly gaining popularity as a non-drug method of treating menstruation cramps. However, what precisely is a menstruating crustacean? Do they just exist as crustaceans? If you have a shellfish allergy, can you use one? Fortunately for you, the menstrual heating pad lobster is something that is safe for everyone to use and is available in the prettiest designs. We have all the details you need to know about the strangely titled menstruation treatment medication and its amazing advantages. They’re cuter than they sound like.

Who is the author of the term “menstruation crustacean”?


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So where exactly does the word “menstruation crustacean” originate? Although there is considerable debate over the phrase’s originator, the background behind the tale is intriguing. The “menstruation crustacean station” was described in a picture posted online of a little lobster statue holding a tray full of period supplies.

Therefore, even if Warmies doesn’t have stations where you can keep all of your menstrual supplies, we have elevated the concept of the menstrual crustacean to a whole new level. We developed a heated lobster stuffed animal that contains lavender and natural filling to ease period pains. We thus offer a portable and microwaveable menstrual crustacean plush to ease your period pains rather than a whole station that goes in the bathroom.

Warmies Stuffed Lobster’s Health Benefits for Period Relief

menstruation crustacean
menstruation crustacean

The plush animals from Warmies are adorable and cozy in every way. Warmies are the must-have item of the year for more reasons than just their cuteness and cuddliness, despite the fact that these factors alone may make you want to add some to your collection of stuffed animals. See all the perks and benefits of owning a Warmies product below:

1. Relief from Menstrual Cramps

The uterus begins to shed its inner lining and discharges it as blood throughout the menstrual cycle. It’s hardly surprising that cramps are the most common period symptom given all the contractions and shedding that occur. Heat is a tried-and-true remedy for easing menstruation discomfort because it relaxes the uterine muscles.

2. Relieving Lower Back Pain

Lower back discomfort affects a lot of individuals every day, whether it is brought on by bad posture, spending all day in an office chair, or it is an extra symptom of menstruation. If you have a Warmies stuffed animal, you may warm it up in the microwave to relax the sore muscles in your lower back.

3. Migraine and Headache Relief

Warmies are more than simply microwaveable plush toys. Warmies can also be frozen, where they will become cold enough to soothe even the most agonizing headaches. By tricking the brain into thinking there is no pain, cold treatment can provide you with much-needed respite.

4. Decreases Stress

Real French dried lavender and natural fibers are used to fill every Warmies product. So, when you hold your Warmies plush, you’ll be able to smell the lovely scent of lavender. Aromas like lavender have been shown to ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

5. Enhances Sleep

Warmies have a good substantial weight to them in addition to the aromatherapy, which helps with sleep. Warmies may be the solution for you if you have problems falling asleep at night. The weight is soothing to the body and soul and feels like a hug.

6. Brings Down Blood Pressure

The lavender and weight of the Warmies help to calm and relax your body and mind. Your health will also get a boost as a result of all of this and more.

7. Non-Toxic

The majority of plush animals that can be microwaved now on the market are loaded with useless plastic. As a result, heating them might cause contaminants to seep into your house. Since Warmies products are made of natural fibers and lavender, they don’t have this issue, making them among the safest goods available.

Instructions for the Crustacean Period


Now that you’re considering getting a menstrual crustacean of your own, you’ll need to know how to use it and profit from it. The easy steps that go along with owning a Warmies product are listed below.

Step 1: Select a menstruating crustacean for yourself

You may opt for the Warmies lobster, a literal representation of a crustacean, or you may prefer an animal design that better reflects your own or a loved one’s personality. Whichever Warmies product you pick, it will be 100% toxin-free, made of natural materials, and ready for cuddling. Here, you may look at all your possibilities.

Step 2: Heat or chill the item

You may place either your microwave or freezer, depending on the problems you wish to alleviate. Follow the directions carefully and don’t microwave something for longer than two minutes at a time if you must. To get your Warmies to the perfect temperature in the freezer, you may keep them in there for up to an hour or longer.

3. Attach it to your body.

You may now use your Warmies plush animal on your body after warming or cooling it. You may use it to use it to cuddle up with it on your chest, rest on your back with it on your belly, or even use it to use it to

Is a Lobster need to Menstruate as a Crustacean?

menstruation crustacean (1)
menstruation crustacean (1)

Your menstrual crustacean need not be in crustacean shape, even though the word has a distinctive, memorable ring to it. In fact, you may choose any Warmies animal to serve as your own menstruation crustacean for pains. In addition to hundreds of other variations, you can have one in the shape of a cute bear, a sea turtle, a manatee, an alligator, or the always-unique axolotl.

Naturally, the name and the lobster’s beautiful, flat shape are what make a menstruating crustacean so alluring. You may pick any shape and animal you like, but having a wide and flat form is excellent for covering the greatest amount of surface area and offering the best comfort.

Where to purchase menstruating crab

A menstrual crustacean heating pad lobster is a rare item that is available in a limited number of locations.

This one-of-a-kind item and similar ones are exclusively available on the Warmies website. There are all of the fantastic choices accessible.

Stuffed animals, eye masks, boots, pajamas, heat pads, and other items are available for selection. Your period aches and symptoms will be significantly reduced by all of these products.

Are menstruating crustaceans suitable as presents.

menstruation crustacean (2)
menstruation crustacean (2)

If you don’t have any interest in menstruating crabs but would like to give one as a present to a friend or family member, they are ideal. They are ideal gifts for your wife, a girlfriend, a friend, or anybody else in your life who you believe would appreciate a soft plush toy. Warmies aren’t the only useful gifts you may give them; you could also give them more useful things like neck wraps or heat pads. It’s a present that you may precisely customize to the recipient’s style and hobbies.

Reviews on menstruating crustaceans


What are the opinions of others on menstruating crustaceans? You can read some of the reviews of menstrual crustaceans below to see how happy customers are with Warmies’ goods.
He smells fantastic. I enjoy putting him down wherever and having him fit in.
Candy D.
“I adore Sid the Sloth! (Yes, I gave him that name.) He keeps my aging bones and joints warm and cozy on these chilly evenings. These mittens are not just for children.
Suzan M.
“I have bought warmies for many friends and family members, and they love them.”
—Diana D.
Make sure to read reviews of other stuffed menstruating crustaceans.

Warmies’ Plush Heatable Lavender Scented Lobster is filled with only the safest and best materials.

There is just one solution available when it comes to menstrual symptoms: menstruating crabs. Get your own at Warmies, where we provide the greatest goods and plush animals that cheer you up and ease a variety of bodily aches and problems. Who wouldn’t want a warm, cuddly, and adorable plush animal to help ease their symptoms of menstruation and provide them with comforting scents?

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